Guerilla's mission: It is our mission to (ethically) improve our clients fishing know how, utilizing the most effective and deadly methods available for plucking trophy fish from their environment for a face to face hello on eastern Washingtons best rivers.

Your guide Travis De Boer: Travis is a life long outdoorsman who is very enthusiastic and highly motivated when it comes to his work. He served his country honorably as an Airborne Ranger under the Special Operations Command where among other things, he received extensive medical training. He is also an outdoor writer who has been published regularly in Salmon and Steelhead Journal, Washington and Oregon Game and Fish, Rocky Mountain Bow Hunter, AR Guns and Hunting, as well as writing a “how-to” column for Big Sky Outdoor News and Adventure and many others. The only thing he loves more than fishing himself is seeing someone else have success in this great sport especially if he can play a part in making it happen. 

About Julie De Boer  (team leader): Julie is Travis' wife and the Guerilla team leader she is the glue that holds this little operation together. Her average annual catch rates on our rivers rival even the most renowned and well known professionals in the world. Whether it’s spey rods or gear rods she will hook and subdue fish. She runs the day to day of the company, she keeps Travis pointed in the right direction, and she provides logistical support as needed on the river. Give her a call and she will get you booked on what we firmly believe will be one of the best fishing experiences to be had anywhere.

For those with a taste for the extreme, we offer center-pinning trips!

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Grande Ronde Steelhead Guide

Steelhead and Bass fishing on Eastern Washingtons best rivers